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Customs clearance and certification

Customs clearance is one of the activities of "ATLANTIC TRANS". Customs clearance
- is the fulfillment of regulatory requirements when moving cargoes or means of
transport across the customs border, or in case of the customs regime change.

Customs clearance can be conducted by the owner of the cargo himself or by
an organization representing the owner on the ground of a contract. Often,
customs clearance becomes a difficult stage of freight forwarding.
Not completed within the expected time frame clearance leads to a variety
of problems: the expiration date of the transported goods, unforeseen expenses
for warehousing, penalties due to failure of the delivery schedule,
and as a result - financial losses.

But the reason is not that customs clearance is a lengthy process. The reason is a lack of knowledge in the field of customs
legislation, which entails errors in the execution of documents required for customs clearance.