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Export cargo

Export – (derived from lat. Exporto – transfer, to move something elsewhere) movement abroad of products,
services and/or capital for realization on foreign markets.
Product export – movement of goods and materials of a specific property.
Service export – renewable provision of foreign partners with a service of industrial or consumer nature.
Capital export – investment of funds to organize production abroad.
Export is a result of international labor division; financial basis of import, because of the fact, that profits from export are used as a source of funds to pay for the import.

Product export is divided into types:
  • Transfer of products made or refined in the country
  • Transfer of products (especially resources or half-manufactured goods) for manufacturing or refinement abroad with their subsequent return
  • Temporary transfer of a native product (for exhibitions, fairs, auctions etc) with their subsequent return or temporary movement of foreign products (for exhibitions, fairs, auctions etc)
  • Company’s inside product transfers or by using direct industrial links of different establishments
Re-export – transfer of products, which where earlier imported, but not refined or else wise changed in the country, these are sold in international auctions, stocks etc. The buyer of such products or services is called “importer”-country, when the outside seller of said product or service is called “exporter”-country.

Nowadays, export of any product or service, regulated by law, from one country to another, is one of the most common form of operation in the trade market. That is why export is the base of international economic relations, as well as import, and is one of the ways of foreign trade. Sustainment of good and symbiotic partnership relations with foreign companies is becoming the biggest priority for economic politics of a country.

One of the most important parts of exporting a product is international transportation of goods by different means of transport, including container transfers by sea and railroads, as well as transportation of heavy and oversized cargo.